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TTurb probe

Digital TTurb sensor

The TTurb probe is a digital sensor for optical turbidity measurement using the 90 ° scattered infrared light method. Depending on the version of the sensor, it can be used in potable water up to 100 FNU as well as in raw water, waste water and process water up to 1000 FNU. The TTurb probe is available with different cable lengths (10 m or 2 m).

The Tturb can be used directly immersed in the environment, but also mounted as a bypass thanks to its adapted passage cell. In addition, it is possible to obtain the TturbCAL with the sensor, which is a standard adapted specifically to each probe for an accurate functional test without reagent.

The operating status is indicated by an LED in the upper part of the sensor, allowing easy and visual identification of the correct functioning of the sensor.

Available in 3 versions:

TTurb 100

TTurb 400

TTurb 1000

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Measurement principle

The Tturb digital probe works with TriBox Mini and TriBox 3 transmitters.
Once the probe is connected, the transmitter powers the sensor, receives and uses the data. The measurements are displayed on the screen, they are recorded and can be converted to the 4-20 mA analog signal.
Interface on web browser accessible by Wifi or Ethernet.


  • Turbidity measurement in drinking water, entering and leaving treatment
  • Turbidity measurement at the outlet of the wastewater treatment plant
  • Surface water monitoring
  • Pond water control in aquaculture


  • 90 ° IR light scattering measurement as specified in DIN EN ISO 7027-1: 2016-11.
  • Utilisation plug-and-play
  • Etalon spécifique à chaque capteur disponible (à commander lors de la production).
  • LED d’état de fonctionnement sur le capteur
Measuring techniqueLED light source, photodiode detector
Measuring principleNephelometry
Measuring range0 ... 100, 0 ... 400, 0 ... 1000 FNU
Measurement accuracy± (5% + 0.5)
Detection limit0.5 FNU for TTurb 100
2 FNU for TTurb 1000
Wavelength for measurement860 nm, FWHM 30 nm
T100 reaction time6s
Measuring interval> 3s
Housing materialPOM
InterfaceEthernet (TCP / IP)
RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Consumed strengthTypically <0.9 W
With network <1.5 W
Power supply / Connection12 ... 24 VDC (± 10%)
8-pin M12 plug
Max pressure (with fixed cable flow cell)3 bar.
1 bar. , 2 ... 4 L / min
Sample temperature0...+40 °C
Inflow velocityMaximum 0.1 m / second
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