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MS08 O₃

Dissolved ozone measurement

Ozone treatment is more and more used for the protection of lakes, rivers, drinking water networks, recreational water or even in pharmaceutical and food industries. O3 is a powerful oxidant capable of destroying organic matter and most of pathogens. However, O3 excess revealed to be toxic et lead to corrosion risks. As a result, it is important to control dissolved O3 level in treated water.

Dissolved O3 measurement can be done with 2 probes type:

  • The MS08 device, for a potable or laboratory measurement. This kit contains a data reading box and 2 linked probes. The titanium probe integrates the O<sub!>3 amperometric micro-sensor et the other probe is a temperature sensor.</sub!>
  • The CTD48 system for an online application in the environment. The probe integrates in the head several measuring sensors. The titanium protection cage contains an O3 amperometric micro-sensor, a pH sensor and a temperature sensor. A pressure sensor can also be added. Data measurement are operated by the embedded electronic in the probe’s body.

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Measurement principle

Ozone get through the membrane only pervious to gases. The reaction between O3 and the redox catalyst create a product that is then electrochemically oxidized at the working electrode. The generated current resulting from this reaction is proportional to the O3 quantity in the environment.


  • Sewage network protection and monitoring
  • Staff protection before intervention
  • Laboratory measurement


  • Immersed measurement without sampling
  • No interference with thurbidity
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Portable / laboratory and continuous measurements
  • Data display on screen
  • Extracting data to computier via USB
Measurement principle Amperometric measurement with T° compensation
Measurement range20 µg/l...10 mg/l O₃
Measurement resolution2 µg/l
Accuracy2 %
Response time T 90% < 5 seconds
O3 consumptionnegligible
Additionnal sensorstemperature
Interferences on measurementnot against oxygen and chlorine, but signal interferences against H2O2 if the concentration is more than 2 Vol.%
Micro-sensor O3 lifetime5 to 10 months, may be influenced by the samples matrix
Power supply6 batteries Mignon / 220 VAC, charger supplied
Housing materialO3 probe - titanium / temperature sensor - plastic
Dimensions (d x L) O3 probe - 17 mm x 205 mm / temperature - 12 mm x 120 mm
Interfacedata display on integrated screen - O2 (mg/l) / T° values
RS-232 / USB (option) to a computer, software not provided, free download type «HYPERTERMINAL»
String ASCII / 2 seconds
Conversion by the software for access to Lotus 1-2-3 or Excel calculation software
MaintenanceDistilled water cleaning of the measuring diaphragm after every use
Medium / sample temperature-2...30 °C
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