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LISA UV probe

The high quality, low price for measuring the SAC254

LISA UV is a robust and easy-to-use sensor for SAC₂₅₄ measurement. This photometric sensor uses emission LEDs for stable optical measurements over time and its measurement lenses are coated with a nano-treatment to fight against fouling. LISA UV requires low maintenance thanks to the automatic cleaning systems, for reliable measurements 24/24h.

The modular design makes it easy to modify the optical path length and to adapt to many applications, river, wastewater, process... by changing the optical lenses.

With integrated calculation formulas, the LISA UV probe determines the organic load of inlet and outlet water. The output signal can be configured directly for CODeq, BODeq, TOCeq, UVT₂₅₄.


The probe can be suspended in a manhole or mounted on a float, LISA UV can also be integrated into a loaded pipe or mounted on a measurement panel with its appropriate flowcell.

The TriOS G2 interface allows quick and easy integration of the sensor into existing process control systems or external data loggers. In addition to the integrated network interface, LISA UV is available with a digital or analog output. The sensor can easily be configured via a web browser on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

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Measurement principle

Absorption, by light attenuation measure:

The light source consists of two LEDs of different wavelengths. The wavelength of the first LED is equal to 254 nm. The wavelength of the second LED is 530 nm. This wavelength is used for turbidity correction. The two LEDs are connected in series in a particular profile. On its way to the detector, the light emitted by the LEDs passes through the medium, which partially attenuates it. The detector absorbs the remaining light and thus determines its intensity. The attenuation of light occurring when passing through a medium is compared to the attenuation obtained with ultrapure water. Measurement in ultra-pure water provides baseline intensity.


  • Organic load monitoring in WWTP, inlet or outlet
  • Monitoring of UV disinfection systems
  • Online measurement of CODeq, BODeq, TOCeq


  • Optical measurement and self-cleaning for reliable measurements 24/24h
  • Automatic turbidity compensation
  • No intervention, no reagents
  • Modular design to adapt to many applications
  • Analog output
Measuring principleAttenuation measure
Detector2 photodiodes + filters
ParametersSAC₂₅₄ , CODeq, BODeq, TOCeq, UVT₂₅₄, Turb530
Measurement accuracies± 0,2 %
Turbidity compensationat 530 nm
Response time T1004 s
Measurement interval≧ 2 s
Materialsstainless steel (1.4571/1.4404) or titanium (3.7035)
Dimensions (L x Ø)293mm x 48mm (with 10mm optical path)
Weight - stainless steel: ~2.3 kg
- titanium: ~ 2.1 kg
Digital output- Ethernet (TCP/IP)
- RS-232 or RS-485 (Modbus RTU)
Analog output4...20 mA
Power supply and consumption12 ... 24 VDC, ≦ 1 W
Maintenance≦ 0.5 hrs/month
Calibration interval24 months
Maximum pressure of use- with waterproof SubConn connector : 30 bars
- with fixed cable: 3 bars
- in flowcell: 1 bar
Maximum operating temperature+ 2 ... 40 °C
Inflow velocity0.1 ... 10 m/s
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