Drinking water

Sensors and monitoring stations to control the resource, help you to guarantee an optimal water quality for the network and to optimize your treatments

Waste water

From water monitoring at the plant entrance, through control and assistance to the improvement of biological treatment, to the control of discharges into the natural environment

Environmental monitoring

For continuous monitoring the environment in order to measure the impact of human activity, detect pollution and understand and know better our water resource.

Fish farming

Increase the efficiency of your ponds and control water quality, especially with the measurement of dissolved O2, CO2 and H2S.

Water in industry

Support you to control the quality of incoming water, control and optimize your processes and monitor the quality of the waste water with precise measuring instruments connected 24 hours a day.

Laboratory, bio-reactors

Sample checks, decision-making tool, monitoring bacterial cultures etc …

Mesurez, surveillez, contrôlez et optimisez avec nos instruments
de mesure en ligne adaptés pour tous les types d’eau

Nous disposons d’un large panel de capteurs de mesure des paramètres physio-chimiques

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