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Dissolved O2 probe

Digital dissolved oxygen sensor

Sonde TO2

The T-O2 sensor works with TriBox and TriBox Mini transmitters.

The measurement of dissolved oxygen according to the luminance method is carried out without prior calibration. No interference with HS, reducing or oxidizing substances. This technology allows reliable and precise measurements with a membrane replacement only every two years.


Digital communication ensures safe and trouble-free transmission of the signal from the sensor to the controller.

Available with fixed cable of 2 or 10 meters. Possible cable extensions, 0.3 m, 2 m, 10 m and 25 m.

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Measurement principle

The T-O2 probe uses the principle of luminescence to measure the dissolved oxygen concentration in water. The dissolved oxygen penetrates into a phosphor whose radiation by light excitation is measured. The dissolved O2 molecules absorb this emitted light, the difference in intensity between the measurement and the reference point is proportional to the oxygen concentration of the water.


  • Water / wastewater treatment control
  • Monitoring of aquaculture / fish farming ponds
  • Measurement of acid / base neutralization processes
  • Wastewater monitoring


  • No electrolytic change
  • Very easy membrane change
  • Suitable measuring cell available
  • Plug and play equipment with TriBox transmitter
Measurement technologyOptical - Luminescence
Measuring range0...20 mg/l
Measurement accuracy± 0,1 mg/l
Measurement resolution0,01 mg/l
Response time90% de la valeur < 1 min
Luminescence membraneno sensitivity over the full range of pH 1 - 14
no interference in the presence of CO2, H2S or SO2
cross-sensitivity to organic solvents, such as acetone, toluene, chloroform or methylene and gaseous chlorides.
Diaphragm replacement interval24 months
Materialsstainless steel (316L) or titanium
Interface et connectionRS-485 - M12 connector
Maximum pressure5 bars
Temperature of the medium / sample0...50 °C
Inflow velocityno brewing required
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