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TW Master Series

The brand new range of analyzers for measuring the quality of drinking water!

TW Master Series

The TW Master series is a all new range of analyzers, specially designed for very accurate analysis of drinking water quality. Measurement ranges are designed to meet the requirements of the drinking water production and distribution.

The first modules available in this series are to date:

  • TW Turb for turbidity measurement
  • TW NITRATE for measuring nitrates concentrations online
  • TW SAC254, determination of the organic load in water
  • TW eCHEM, available for measurements of dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity and free chlorine
  • TW Flu, able to measure PAH concentrations for hydrocarbons monitoring, also tryptophan concentrations would be available.

We will soon introduce other parameters with the measurement of chlorophyll-a, phycocyanin for monitoring cyanobacteria, and CDOM (dissolved colored organic matter).

The modular design allows a combination adapted to your needs and your installations. The different measurement modules connect to each other in a single row.

TW Master Series Turb

With a size of 160mm x 280mm x 108mm, those modules are very compact and can fit almost any supports. TriOS will also provide panels for easy assembly and implementation depending on the specifics of your installations.

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