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pH Probe

Capteur pH numérique

The T-pH probe works on the principle of electrochemical measurement with a measuring electrode and a reference. The high-quality pH electrode features a porous, dirt-insensitive high-density polyethylene (HDPE) diaphragm, making it the ideal sensor for wastewater applications.

The operating status is indicated by an LED in the upper part of the sensor, making it possible to easily and visually identify the correct operation of the system when it is installed on a measurement board.

The T-pH probe works with TriBox and TriBox Mini controllers and stores calibration data in memory for a “plug and play” installation.

Available with a fixed cable of 2 or 10 meters and M12 connector. Possible cable extensions of 0.3 m, 2 m, 10 m and 25 m.

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Measurement principle

The digital T-pH probe works with TriBox Mini and TriBox transmitters.
Once the probe is connected, the transmitter powers the sensor, receives and uses the data. The measurements are displayed on the screen, they are recorded and can be converted to the 4-20 mA analog signal.
Wifi or Ethernet communication via web browser.


  • Water / wastewater treatment control
  • Regulation of coagulation and flocculation
  • Measurement of acid / base neutralization processes
  • Wastewater monitoring


  • High-quality combination electrode with annular measuring diaphragm and polymerized solid electrolyte
  • LED operating status indicator
  • Submersible probe for in situ measurements
  • Suitable measuring cell available
  • "Plug and play" hardware with TriBox transmitter
Measurement technologypH electrode, pH and temperature measurement
Measuring range0...14 pH
Measurement accuracy± 0,05 pH
Temperature compensationautomatic with integrated Pt1000
Response time95% of value <5 s
T100 : 10 s
MaterialsPPS PET NBR (polyphenylene sulfide / polyethylene terephthalate / butadiene nitrile acrylic)
Interface et connectionRS-485 - connector M12
Max. pressure3 bars
Temperature of the medium / sample0...100 °C
Inflow velocity0,1 m/s
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